Prof. S Kumaresan is at present the President of the MTTS Trust. He is a former faculty member of the University of Hyderabad.


  •   C.L.Chandna Award of the Indo-Canadian Math Foundation 1998
  •   Indian National Science Academy (INSA) Teachers Award for the year 2013 (This was the first time INSA gave this award for a teacher in Mathematics)


S Kumaresan receiving the INSA Teacher award in 2013

He is the author of a number of books and expository articles. Some of the articles he has written for the benefit of students and teachers can be found at this link.

Some of the books by S Kumaresan

  1. A Basic Course in Real Analysis
  2. Topology of Metric Spaces
  3. A Course in Differential Geometry and Lie Groups
  4. Short Courses in Mathematics
  5. A Foundation Course in Mathematics
  6. An Expedition to Geometry



Professor S. Kumaresan
School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Hyderabad
P.O. Central University
Hyderabad 500 046
: kumaresa AT gmail DOT com
: (040) 2313 4059 (Off.), (040) 6460 9022 (Res.)