• The Buddha & MTTS
    The Buddha & MTTS
    The Buddha said : accept anything only after due examination and analysis. That is what MTTS also teaches!
  • INSA Award
    INSA Award
    Prof. Kumaresan receiving the INSA award
  • MTTS 2015 at SSN College, Chennai
    MTTS 2015 at SSN College, Chennai
  • MTTS 2016 RIE Mysore
    MTTS 2016 RIE Mysore
  • What do you gain from MTTS?
    What do you gain from MTTS?
    The ways in which an MTTS participant gains can be easily perceived from this pictorial representation


Mathematics Training and Talent Search Programme (MTTS) is the most popular undergraduate/graduate training programme in Mathematics running in India. It conducts workshops of duration from 1 weeks to 4 weeks throughout the year in different locations in India. The students are selected from the region of the programme or from the national level depending on its aims. The MTTS Trust is formed for conducting these programmes. It also conducts teacher training programmes titled Pedagogical Training for Mathematics Teachers (PTMT) and other academic discussions benefitting a large class of mathematicians in India.

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