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MTTS 2017

Important message: 

Those who are selected for participating in MTTS2017 should confirm their participation online. Please see the instructions below.

The list of candidates selected to participate in MTTS 2017 can be found at this link.

A letter from the Programme Director of MTTS to the candidates can be found here.

MTTS 2017 Poster
Programme Poster: 
MTTS-2017-poster.pdf 61 Kb [1737 download(s)]

Please check the details about MTTS 2017 below.

For any queries related to MTTS 2017 (not covered in the FAQ section or any other page of this site), please contact us at

Confirmation Process (during April 2, 2017 to April 11, 2017)

  1. Login to the MTTS Application site at this link using the same user id at which applications were submitted.
  2. Click on "See the status of your application"
  3. Click on "Accept selection & confirm participation"
  4. Verify your details appearing in the next page
  5. Tick the box to the left of " I agree to all the above terms & conditions"
  6. Click on "Accept selection & confirm participation"
  7. You will be shown that you have confirmed successfully.
  8. Send a mail to with the subject as Confirming participation in MTTS2017. Your mail should contain your full name, institute name, level, serial number and centre code.
  9. You will receive a mail from us in another 24 hours. If you do not receive any such mail from us, please report it immediately to
  10. Once again go back to the application status page (from control pannel). You will see a set of instructions.
  11. Please follow the instructions given in the mail and the application status page.

Common Instructions for the selected candidates (irrespective of their centre)

  1. A selection letter will be emailed to the selected participants by 15th January 2017. We will not be sending any hard copy (by post) of the letter of selection to the selected candidates. Please check your email inbox for our mail. Note that, we have sent the email to the addresses entered by the candidates in the online application portal.
    If a selected candidate decides to participate in the programme, the candidate must accept the selection and confirm his/her partcipation online at  the MTTS applications site. The link to this confirmation page will appear in this site only in the third week of March 2017. This confirmation process will be open from 02 April 2017 to 09 April 2017 11:00 PM. During this period, the applicant should login to the applications site using the same email idhe/she used for submitting the online applicatin for MTTS 2017 previously and accept/confirm his/her participation. After receiving the candidate's acceptance/confirmation online, the local coordinator will email the candidate a confirmation letter confirming his/her participation. This should reach the candidate as an email by the 3rd week of April 2017.
  2. The selected candidates would be able to download their selection letter, undertaking form (which they would have already received by email) once they login to the MTTS applications site from 15 March 2017 onwards. The selection letter would give necessary guidlines for the applicant.
  3. Selected candidates should bring with him/her the following documents at the time of registration at the venue of the programme to which they have been selected:
    • A certificate from the candidate's present institute/college about the candidate's present course of study with his/her photograph affixed and attested by the candidate's institute/college authority.
    • The signed undertaking form (signed by both the guardian and the candidate)
    • The selection letter AND the letter from the local coordinator confirming his/her participation.
    • A photocopy of the train/bus tickets or the used tickets as they are required for reimbursement.
    • In case the candidate decides to accept the selection, he/she is advised to book his/her train tickets in advance without waiting for the confirmation process to open or letter from local co-ordinator to reach.
  4. Important Notes:
    • Bring the undertaking form signed by the candidate and his parent, and a bonafide certificate from the institute to the camp at the time of registration.
    • In case a candidate fails to bring any one of the above documents, he/she may not be allowed to attend the programme.
    • Change of Centres is not permitted.
    • We are aware that some of the selected students have a very genuine problem, namely the clash of dates of examinations with that of our camps. Students with this problem fail to participate, since they are not allowed to join after the second day of the programme. To avoid vacancies created by such incidents, we offer admission to 50-60 applicants though our sanctioned strength is 35 per level. Our overbooking takes care of the vacancies arising out of this problem. Note that there are about 6000+ autonomous institutions such as universities, colleges and institutes in our country. It would be impossible to find even a single day which will be convenient to students of all these institutions. To mitigate such issues, we have floated the concept of Mini MTTS whose major intake will be students of a region.
    • You are requested to read the letter at this link from the Programme Director at this page to get an understanding of the efforts we make for continuing the programme run without disruption. You are requested to write to us ONLY after carefully going through that letter, in case you need some help/clarification/or have some request.
    • Center specific instructions will appear in this page below after 15th April 2017. Please visit this page regularly.
  • Level O: Second year undergraduate students with Mathematics as one of their subjects.
  • Level I: Final year undergraduate students with Mathematics as one of their subjects.
  • Level II: First year postgraduate students with Mathematics as one of their subjects.
How to Apply?: 

Students have to prepare their applications online. A detailed help on 'preparing the application form + recommendation form online' can be found at this page. After carefully understanding the instructions, please proceed to prepare the application form and recommendation form at this page. Please go through the instructions page and the MTTS-FAQ page at this website before sending any queries to us. Note that only the application forms and recommendation forms prepared via the MTTS Online Applications System will be accepted.

The application can be generated online during October 31, 2016 and  December 10, 2016. The signed print out of the online generated application form and recommendation form should reach the Programme Director on or before December 16, 2016.

Please click here  to visit the MTTS Online Applications System for preparing MTTS 2017 applications.

Selection Procedure: 

The selection will be purely on merit, based on consistently good academic record and the recommendation letter from a mathematics professor closely acquainted with the candidate.

The list of selected candidates will be posted on the MTTS website in the 1st week of January 2017. Only selected candidates will be informed of their selection by email.

Candidates selected for the programme will be paid sleeper class return train fare by the shortest route and will be provided free board and lodging for the duration of the course.

Venue Address: 

Regional Institute of Education, Mysore

Venue State: 
Levels to be held: 
Program Starting Date: 
May 22, 2017
Program end Date: 
June 17, 2017
Venue Address: 

Indian Institute of Technology Indore

Venue State: 
Levels to be held: 
Program Starting Date: 
May 29, 2017
Program end Date: 
June 24, 2017
Venue Address: 

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Venue State: 
Levels to be held: 
Program Starting Date: 
May 29, 2017
Program end Date: 
June 24, 2017
at this link using the same user id at which applications were submitted." data-share-imageurl="">
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