For any kind of support from MTTS, please send a mail to support at You can also write to the Programme Director.

If you are willing to support us, you are of course welcome. In many ways you can help us.

To start with, you may inform your juniors and others who exhibit a certain amount of motivation and who have an aptitude for mathematics about this programme and encourage them to apply. You will be in a better position to judge which of your college students will be suitable for this activity more than the teachers, who may not have any idea of this programme. You may distribute copies of the application and recommendation form to those interested.

Secondly, you may donate the copy of the Souvenir to a teacher of your college who is a motivated teacher. This will enable him to encourage suitable students to the Programme in future.

Thirdly, you may offer seminars at your institute along the way we teach. Your friends will also have a taste of the way mathematics is practiced in real life.

Fourthly, you may inform us of teachers who are likely to be interested in this mode of teaching. We are constantly on the look-out for motivated teachers who will be ready to sacrifice their vacation and offer training in this programme. We also allow teachers to participate in this programme if they want to know how training is imparted. For this purpose, interested teachers may visit for a week or two during the Programme. They should write to the Programme Director about this. Such participation is only by invitation. We shall reimburse the travel expenses to those who are invited by us and provide them local hospitality. Click here for more details.