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Expository Articles

Targetted Audience Author Download File Details
Diagonolization and Minimal Polynomial Senior undergraduate and graduate students S Kumaresan Download (182.96 KB) The aim of this article is to indicate direct and simple proofs of the result: A linear map is diagonalizable iff its minimal polynomial spilts.
Quadratic Reciprocity Senior undergraduate and graduates S Kumaresan Download (197.11 KB) This set of notes is written for the benefit of teachers and participants of MTTS Programme. We assume that the readers have gone though a one-semester course of algebra and are reasonably comfortable with groups, rings and fields.
Four Applications of Inverse Function Theorem Senior undergraduates, M.Sc S Kumaresan Download (157.72 KB) Gives 4 typical applications of the inverse function theorem. A must read for any budding differential topologist or differential geometer!